Winter Coat Roundup

The first truly cold day this winter, I broke the zipper on my beloved Michael Kors down coat. I was lucky to have a tailor just a few blocks up the street so I stopped in to find out how much it would cost to fix it. She said it would be $65! That’s more than half what I paid for the coat when I bought it last winter (thank you, eBay). I told her I’d take my chances with a coat that won’t close.

Of course, a few short weeks later we had 19.5 inches of snow.

Anyway, here are some cute winter coats that still have buttons and zipper intact!

Hooded Hem Pleated Red Coat – $147
Army Green Long Sleeve Buckle Strap Epaulet Coat – $106 $58
Hooded Hem Pleated Black Coat – $147
Double Breasted Watermelon Red Coat – $142
Ryu Cocoa Shavings Coat – $135 $70
Epaulet Decorative Fur Collar Creamy White Coat – $155
Double Buttons Bowknot Red Woolen Coat – $191
Band Collar Double Breasted Coat – $151
New Style Lapel Dark Blue Coat – $140

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