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12 Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

The season for ghouls and goblins is right around the corner and now is a great time to start planning your Halloween Look. This roundup of plus size Halloween costumes will up your holiday party game and improve your treat to trick ratio exponentially.

Thousands of plus size Halloween costumes are available this season and getting a head start on shopping means that you will have access to the greatest selection available. Plus size costumes for women include a large assortment of styles that range from sexy to sweet, and everything in between. With the right timing, planning, and creative intuition you can coordinate an award-winning ensemble guaranteed to kick your party into high gear.


The Storybook Alice Costume from Halloween Mart will bring the classic story of Alice in Wonderland to life. As a simple yet, classy ensemble, the costume is sure to be a knockout and can be styled creatively with fierce heels and playful knee-high socks.


The action continues at Halloween Mart with their Bat Girl rendition. You cannot go wrong with selecting a character costume as they are well recognized and often considered Halloween mainstays.


All bets are off but the race is on at Halloween Costumes for the High Speed Hottie. This plus size costume is a winner and is an ideal selection for partygoers looking to fuse both sporty and sexy into one look.


I already found the best costume, guys, so everyone else can just sit down. Loveable and furry, the Purple Posh Monster Costume at Halloween Costumes will have you ready to escare, cuddle, or sprinkle fairy dust, whichever seems most fit. This colorful costume includes a furry hooded jacket and tutu. If you’re planning to be at any of the same Halloween parties that I am, do not buy this BECAUSE I WILL BE WEARING IT. (And by “Halloween parties” I mean “at home with a bowl of fun size Butterfingers “for trick or treaters.”)

If you feel like nabbing a couple of goblins this year, the Trendy Halloween Ghostbusters plus size costume for women is a fantastic choice. The feminine spin on this classic film character includes a dress, belt, hat and backpack to finish your look. Especially timely with the rumored all-women Ghostbusters movie coming out!

The Venus Goddess of Love plus size costume from Trendy Halloween is simply gorgeous. This long, flowing dress will transform you into an ancient mythical being right before your eyes.

plus size french maid halloween costume

The Maid for Fun French Maid Costume brought to you by Amazon is a dangerous diva design that includes 5 pieces to style, surprise, and tantalize.


Amazon’s ToBeInStyle 3 Piece Plus Size Nurse Costume ensemble is likely to be a heartbreaker this season. Outfitted with a headpiece and stethoscope, this sexy plus size Halloween costume is guaranteed to be a showstopper.


Get ready to lock them up with the Sultry SWAT Officer look available at Buy Costumes. Complete with fingerless gloves, the costume is definitely arresting. You will want to cop a pair of handcuffs to wrangle up your favorite suspects, no pun intended.


Consider this look Katniss with a twist. The Huntress costume from Buy Costumes is dark, dangerous, and ready to demonstrate skilled moves in the field.


Halloween Express is selling the bright and bodacious Sexy Cabbie Costume. Designed with the traditional taxi checker print, the costume also includes a cabbie hat and faux gloves for an authentic look.


In honor of girl-power around the globe and the reemergence of one of the world’s most favorite female heroes, the Wonder Woman costume from Halloween Express will be making its own debut off the big screen but undoubtedly a hit. With a signature style, classic headpiece, and shiny gauntlets, you will be ready to save the day and look smoking hot while doing so.