Iced Coffee at Home: Easy, Cheap, Magically Delicious

Guys, I’ve done it. I have discovered the world’s simplest and most delicious way to make cold-brewed iced coffee at home.

Coffee is the probably largest line item in my budget after rent. I’m sensitive to the acid in coffee so I prefer to drink it cold-brewed and iced because it’s smoother and less acidic, but that shit gets EXPENSIVE, y’all. We’re talking like $3/day expensive. Mama ain’t got that kind of cash.

So I’ve been on the search – for LITERALLY YEARS – to find the perfect method for cold-brewing iced coffee at home.

My requirements:

1. Must be SUPER easy. Like, easy enough that I can do it when I’m half asleep and running late for work.
2. Must require minimal dish-washing.
3. Must be consistently as delicious as the iced coffee I buy at a coffee shop.

At last, I have found the Holy Grail.


iced coffee 1

photo by coffee geek


What you need:

1. an aeropress coffee maker { BUY }
2. a wide-mouthed cup or container such as a mason jar { BUY }
3. fresh coffee that’s been ground halfway between the drip and espresso settings


The night before, pour out one cup of filtered water (I pour it directly into a measuring cup to save a step). Add three scoops (use the scoop that comes with your aeropress) of coffee to the water. Stir it a little. Cover.

Wash your aeropress from the previous morning (easiest ever – takes like twenty seconds) and put in a new paper filter. Set the aeropress on top of your mason jar / mug / whatever you’re using to drink the coffee.

This whole process should take you a max of maybe like three minutes.

Go to sleep.


iced coffee 3

photo by michael dales


The next morning (or twelve hours later), add some ice to your mason jar / mug / whatever. Pour that coffee mixture into your aeropress. Press it into your mason jar / mug / whatever over the ice.


iced coffee 2

photo by coffee geek


VOILA. You are done.

If you want, you can add a dash of cinnamon, a splash of agave nectar and a little cream. Or not.

THE END. So good.

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